Here at boohoo HQ, we always wanna have fun, and no one knows how to get turnt quite like our gal GC. The social media sensation and reality TV star has become a bit of a national treasure, and with her hilar personality, everyone wants the reigning Queen of Essex in their squad.

1. She gives the ultimate clap backs

It was an iconic moment for the sisterhood when GC shut down Arg with the phrase ‘You ain’t ever gonna get any of this candy!’. Talk about #GIRLPOWER


2. She works out in style

Heels AND a pony? Where can I sign up?


3. She isn’t afraid of a challenge

From the CBB house to the celebrity jungle, this gal lives life to the full and goes out of her comfort zone.




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4. She’s a Meme Queen

Everyone knows you’re no-one unless you have your own range of memes. She even has an Insta account dedicated to them.

5. She’s a savvy business woman

From TV appearances, to collabs and fashion lines, there’s no denying that GC works hard and has a pretty impressive CV. Plus the TOWIE goddess has her own boutique in Brentwood.


6. She’s a style icon

As well as always looking glam AF, that blow dry is iconic. Plus she recently became part of our gang with this exclusive Christmas collab.


7. She’s hilarious

Alongside all the iconic quotes, there’s no denying that Gemma is entertaining AF.

8. She’s relatable

Since GC hit the spotlight, we’ve seen her go though both highs and lows as she’s shared her whole life with the public, earning her an army of fans.


9. She’s charitable

Not only does she openly support various animal charities, the star also donated her entire Jungle fee to a good cause.


 10. She’s not afraid to be herself

And TBH, that’s the best thing anyone can be.


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