We recently caught up with ‘Seen On Screen’s’ fitness pro and all-round babe Bonnie Parsons, to get the low down and take advantage of her top fitness tips.

You’re Welcome…

How did you start SOS Fitness?

After 5 years of working as a professional dancer in the entertainment industry for the likes of X Factor, Florence & The Machine and Kelly Rowland, I saw a gap in the market. I wanted to bring the glamour and talent of TVs top dancers to people at home.

Witness The Fitness | SOS

Six months later after research and preparation, Seen On Screen was born. SOS exclusively work with the dancers to the stars so our customer gets the same quality of instructor as the A listers!

Witness The Fitness | SOS

I started SOS by holding monthly pop up workshops in London. We have now grown to 80 classes per month teaching everything from our famous Beyoncé workshops to Twekshops and medleys of tracks by artists such as Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Tinashe and lots more!

Witness The Fitness | SOS

We know a dance class can be an intimidating situation to come into, so we focus on having fun and boosting confidence. Seen On Screen is for people of all abilities so two left feet are very welcome! SOS is about letting your hair down and unleashing your inner diva!

Best moves for burning those calories?

Twerking! It’s perfect for toning your thighs and glutes as you’re constantly in a squat. You can check out the SOS online twerk tutorial here:

Witness The Fitness | SOS

Favourite track to dance to?

It’s got to be Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ at the moment! Loving his new album. Otherwise, I’m Beyoncé’s #1 fan. Freakum Dress will always be one of my favourite Beyoncé tracks to dance to!

Go to outfit to dance in?

I love my staple black leggings as they’re slimming and go with everything. I dance in either my Nike ID Air Max that say SOS Dance and on the back or my black stiletto boots if we’re working on something more sassy. I always invest in great sports bras that aren’t too frumpy. I love this look from Boohoo:

Witness The Fitness | SOS
Witness The Fitness | SOS

We don’t know about you, but we have already siked ourselves up for the Bieber masterclass here at boohoo HQ!