Happy 70th to the bikini and whilst we <3 the two-piece, it’s also sometimes the bane of our lives. Girls, we’ve all been there, let’s sit through the struggles…

Struggles Of Bikini Shopping

The Dream

After weeks of flicking through magazine after magazine, you’ve found your inspo. You will look like Alessandra Ambrosio and/or Gigi Hadid. Beach body come at me

Struggles Of Bikini Shopping

The Prep

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail. Yep got it. New gym membership? Tick. Weekly runny routine scheduled. This is easier than I thought…

Struggles Of Bikini Shopping

The Reality

You’ve been to the gym twice in a month and the only running you’ve done is when you’re trying not to miss your bus to work

Struggles Of Bikini Shopping

The Browsing

SO. MUCH. CHOICE. Whoever said there’s no such thing as too much choice was in this case, crazy. I’m drowning under a sea of lycra…

Struggles Of Bikini Shopping

The Changing Rooms

In our hands we see summer in the shape of an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini. In our minds we can’t imagine anything worse than this mile long queue and having to strip off behind a sheer curtain any minute now

Struggles Of Bikini Shopping

The Lighting

It’s either nightclub dark or bright enough that you can see every hair follicle and yep, my dark eye circles that just don’t seem to budge even after two lie ins this weekend

Struggles Of Bikini Shopping

The Fit

So this all in one fits fab on bottom but leaves enough room on top to store a few chocolate bars and a coconut water. And as for those bikinis where you can’t mix and match sizes? WHY? ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL

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