By Kate Beckitt

Bae, the other half, your S.O – they’re all well and good but we all know it’s hoes before bros. Here’s why your girls are your soulmates too…

1. Their wardrobe = your wardrobe

That goes without saying.

2. You can communicate without having to form full sentences 

In fact, you can have a whole conversation with nothing more than head nods, eye glances and the occasional nostril flare.

3. They’ll be brutally honest exactly when you need it

“Babe, you have green crap in your teeth.”

4. They’re a guaranteed like on every photo

Even if you post the same one in four different places. Best part, if they’re a little slow with that, you can always shamelessly remind them of their BFF duties.

5. They always know what to say

Especially when you turn up at their house at midnight with mascara running down your face; chances are they’ve already been through it themselves.

6. They’ll buy you a pizza at 4 am

 To help sober you up after a particularly ‘heavy sesh.’

7. And they’ll still love you no matter what

Even if you can’t eat that pizza they bought because your head’s in a bucket.

8. They’ll always have evidence

Screenshots of that shady guy that are definitely FBI worthy? They’ve got your back…

9. Emergency tampons

Enough said.

10. You automatically hate the same people

Melanie from accounts? Unfriended and unfollowed with no questions asked.

11. They will annoy you like there’s no tomorrow

WTF was invented for a reason.

12. But at the end of the day, you know you’ll be in each other’s lives for ever because you can’t possibly imagine life without them