By Niki Igbaroola

In the words of The Cheetah Girls, ‘you got to strut like you mean it’ but what exactly does ‘it’ mean?
‘It’ is basically the attitude you’re trying to convey and with our latest shoes to hit site, you can ball big on a budget and keep your Instagram style credentials fleeky all through 2017.


What Your Shoe Style Says About You

The Velvet Boot

This boot is perfect for anyone trying to get some swag. Pair them with an oversized hoodie to get that sport-luxe look or wear over an evening dress to give your night time antics some edge.



What Your Shoe Style Says About You

The Metallic Courts

These courts are basically a spin on the classic glass slipper. It’s for the woman stepping away from the fashions of ‘Once Upon a Time’ and embracing a more 2017 princess vibe. The rose gold touches around this clear heel ooze class and sophistication. This is the heel you wear if you’re looking to be swept away by your prince/princess on whatever dancefloor you come across this year.



What Your Shoe Style Says About You

The Floral Ankle Boot

If you’re looking to embrace the fairy tale vibe from a subtler angle, then the ‘Beatrice Multi Floral Ankle Boot’ is your best pick. These boots add whimsy to your ensemble and has you channelling a more ‘Into the Woods’ vibe. These boots are for the girl who won’t let the drudge of the 9-5 stop her from expressing the more magical aspects of her personality.

What Your Shoe Style Says About You

The Two Strap Sandal

Whoever said plaits were just for your hair had obviously never set eyes on these sandals. The plait adds a twist to the classic sandal, mixing edge with sophistication. It’s for the girl who likes to keep it simple but not too simple. This plait sandal brings a je ne sais quoi to any outfit which means that you can stick to a tried and tested style without looking boring.



What Your Shoe Style Says About You

The Clear Shoe Boot

The Clear Shoe Boot is for the girl looking to break all the rules. These shoes are for the girl who loves quirky socks and tights and wants to show them off. It’s time to let the undergarments do the talking so if you’re feeling bold and quirky, throw these on with some boyfriend jeans and the wackiest socks you can find and make every sidewalk a runway.


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