By Shannon McKenzie

We all know you’ve got to kiss plenty of frogs before you find your prince! And we may not be getting married in a fairytale castle, but we can still get our happily ever after with these Disney princess inspired engagement rings! From Belle’s red rose to Elsa’s frozen blues – What kind of ring would make your dreams come true?


Oh Cindy don’t you have good taste! And we’re not on about your choice of pets! Go from pumpkin to princess with this white gold diamond ring. 


Cold feet? … Be brave! After all, if this 18ct gold engagement ring doesn’t get you through your big day, nothing will!

Snow White 

We’re not all lucky enough to have 7 men following us around, but then again haven’t we all had enough of dopey and grumpy men? We’ll take prince charming please, oh and the ring.


Be lost for words with this under the sea treasure! A gold seaweed band with a diamond as clear as the sea! Is this your fave choice? … they do say ‘darling it’s better down where it’s wetter.’


This diamond snowflake ring is so beautiful you’ll never want to let it go! Although… the cold never bothered me anyway.

Engagement Rings By Disney Princess


Who needs a magic carpet when you can have this gorgeous jasmine inspired ring! Why not rub a lamp and make a wish, it could be yours?

Engagement Rings By Disney Princess


With a white gold band encrusted with diamonds what more could we want? She’s kissed many a frog, so the girl deserves a nice ring!

Engagement Rings By Disney Princess


Be the Belle of the ball with this stunning red rose engagement ring. Want it? Be my guest!