By Darcey Taylor

You’re on Instagram; you’ve stalked your ex’s new girlfriend, checked out your bestie’s page to provide moral support for any recent selfies, mentally wish-listed a pair of boots on your fave blogger’s page, so now…what next ? If you’ve had a bad day and need a little positivity boost or maybe just some reassurance, take some time to take look at the mindful, spiritual and positive IG accounts available out there. Here’s a list at some of my personal faves on Instagram to get you started on the virtual path to positivity…

Mindful IG Accounts You Need To Know


Although this is just the personal IG account of Alyssa Offermann, it’s a versatile account which offers followers an abundance of positive and spiritual affirmations, as well as sisterly- feminist vibes. I have many a time scrolled through my IG news- feed to come across Alyssa’s posts often exactly when they are needed, giving me a picture-sized pick me up to help conquer the rest of the day. A must for anyone’s Insta !

Mindful IG Accounts You Need To Know


With a massive following of 10.3 million followers, it is very likely some of you will already follow, or have heard of this account. Featuring breathtaking photos from all across the globe, every post is a refreshing reminder of the beauty of the world we live in and possible destinations to add to your travel bucket list. Offering positivity and peace by presenting the beauty of reality.

Mindful IG Accounts You Need To Know


Created with the sole purpose of spreading positivity, wisdom and mindfulness, this IG page posts’ provoke a sense of awareness with not only your thoughts, but mindful engagement with life and those around you. Moreover, the colourful yet calming illustrative nature of the posts also make this IG account a treat for the eye.

Mindful IG Accounts You Need To Know


The name of this IG page basically sums up what you can expect from it – a good, life affirming quote. And hey, at the end of the day, sometimes that’s all you need. The motivational quotes which feature on this page definitely give you a burst of get up-and-go and those ever desired good vibessss.

Mindful IG Accounts You Need To Know


A very aesthetically pleasing IG account, @positiveheadspace is simple yet serene. Its posts are uplifting and focus on ways to counter the negativity we often inflict on ourselves, as is the nature of being human. Many of the posts offer reminders to be happy, to take it easy on ourselves, and to enjoy life. If you are on Instagram to escape; I recommend escaping to this tranquil little spot.