This week, we’re crushin’ on Manchester-based blogger, model and all round cool cat, Starr Clare. 

Friday Muse: Starr Clare
Friday Muse: Starr Clare

At just 21 years old, she’s currently studying fashion and has a whopping 12.1k followers on IG – we can’t get enough of her pastel pink locks.

Friday Muse: Starr Clare

Here’s what went down when we asked her some of life’s big questions…

Friday Muse: Starr Clare

Describe your style in three words… Mixture of everything!

What’s your go-to outfit at the minute… A big faux fur coat and a baker boy hat.

What are your makeup bag essentials… Lip balm! Also a red or nude lippy.

At the weekend I can be found… Either at a gig or in bed with loads of crisps and chocolate.

My special skills are… Napping.

I’m always talking about… My cat!

The hashtag I always use is… #ootd

A word or phrase I overuse is… ‘Meow’ – I like to impersonate my cat…

What’s your fave trend this season?

Tulle dresses and skirts. I feel like a fairy princess-come ballerina when I wear them.

What are your plans for the new year? 

I’m opening my own online shop for embroidered tees which I’m pretty excited about. I also want to blog more!

Are you reinventing yourself for the new year or staying as you are?

Mostly staying as I am but with a little more positivity (and pink hair!)

How do you own being you?

By not taking myself too seriously.

Get the look…

Friday Muse: Starr Clare
Friday Muse: Starr Clare
Friday Muse: Starr Clare
Friday Muse: Starr Clare

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