As the Christmas come down firmly sets in, one way to banish the January blues is to fly far far away…



 Okay so not Barca’s hottest time of the year but warm enough for a stroll on the beach and hours wandering around the culture-filled city. Start the new year on a high with landmark spotting and some much needed shopping at Las Ramblas. There’s plenty of rooftop bars to sip on a cocktail or three…

Temps: 13 °C



 Super cheap, sip on all the mulled wine in the famous Nyhavn harbour district. Get lost in the cool Scandi capital, visit the museums and get ready to ‘gram everything.

Temps: 0 °C



 Bursting with bucket list moments to tick off, fall in love with the famous city and don’t forget to squeeze in some of its renown retail therapy.

Temps: 10 °C



Wanna feel the warmth? Head a lil’ further out to Dubai where temps will be warm enough for a dip in the sea and to get a golden glow. Dubai has some of the best bars, restaurants and OFC shopping.

Temps: 24 °C



For a thrifty spa break, Budapest is the place to be to treat yo’ self. The city has some of the most stunning architecture around and you can hide away from the freeze in any of its ruin pubs or pavement cafes.

Temps: 0 °C


Cape Verde

 If you’re craving a summer holiday vibe RN, head to the beaut Cape Verde where you can take five with a good book and your best gals.

Temps: 23 °C



Fall for the city of love, even in the capital’s colder Jan temps. Think cobbled streets, beaut buildings around every corner and some of the best restaurants in the world. Overindulge on food, shopping and get ready to walk every inch of the city ticking off all it has to offer.

Temps: 5 °C


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