We love nothing more than pooches and watching reality dating shows – so the combination of the two is a dream come true. Literally.

And if you’re a doggy lover and you’re single, this is the perf show for you to apply fo’. October films are casting for the Puppy Playdate – a reality show that puts the dating destiny into the hands of their pup.

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Our bet is couples will be put together based on how well their dogs get along with each other. EITHER WAY, there’s gonna be a hella load of cuteness on our screens for sure.

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If you wanna apply you have to be single, own a pooch and live near London or the surrounding area. All you have to do is send a photo of you, your dog and what you’re looking for in a partner to pets@octoberfilms.tv.
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If you appear on the show you’ll also be paid – so you’d be barking not to apply.

Have we got any volunteers?

Photo Credit: @lucywatson / @ab_bowen / GIPHY