Sweeten Up Santa...

What’s Christmas without fizz and glitter? We’re totally crushin over this glam twist on a traditional ice cream float.

First of all, it’s pink perfection and secondly, if sugary treats are good enough for Buddy then they’re good enough for us. ‘Cos Christmas cals don’t count right?

 Here’s what you’ll need..


Pink Lemonade (cloudy works best)

Vanilla ice cream (flavoured sorbet works well too)

Vodka/Grapefruit Gin/Elderflower liqeur (optional)


Edible glitter, fizzy laces, hundreds and thousands-anything pink!


– Pour pink lemonade into a tall glass either straight or mixed with your favourite tipple and a sprinkle of sherbet.

– Delicately top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

– ·Add the finishing touch with your selection of toppings for a drink worth celebrating.


Anything sugary will cause your lemonade to bubble and foam. The bubbles are a real show stopper so serve quick and have your insta at the ready!

Now you’ve got the basics of a boozy ice cream float you’ll be trying your new favourite combos over the holiday season for sure!

Please drink responsibly