If you’re a gin and tonic lover but are also a sucker for a cuppa, this is the perf solution for you. Give a warm hello to these gin and tonic flavoured tea bags.

Yep, Fortnum and Mason have released a dozen pack of tea bags that taste like our fave alcoholic beverage for just £6.95. And honestly, we’re pretty damn happy.

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 The company says: “We’ve combined green tea with real juniper berries and handpicked botanicals including coriander, fennel and lemon balm to create our refreshing Gin & Tonic Tea topped offer with fresh lime and cucumber.”

So unfortunately the tea bags don’t have any actual gin in them – but hey, it means you’ll be having a warm refreshing drink but without the tipsiness and the hangover. Sounds good to us!

You can even purchase some silk envelopes for the tea bags – which apparently help the flavours react better with another for one delicious drink.

Happy hour just got extended to allll day!