In the words of DC, all the women who are independent throw your hands up at me! Whilst the single girl club is pretty rad 99% of the time, even the sassiest of sisters can struggle over the festive period. With cosied up couples and mistletoe galore, sometimes the romance can get a little bit overwhelming. But single gals everywhere unite, here’s what we can expect over the holidays…


1. The Journey Home

Expectation: A long lost lover will make a mad dash to the train station, armed with flowers and an apology because, you know, Christmas.

Reality: You’re elbowing other commuters out of the way with your meal deal for a window seat. At least you only have to fight for one space.


2. The Family Reunion

Expectation: Your relatives will be fascinated with your fancy life in the big city, asking endless questions about your glittering career.

Reality: You’re asked endless questions about your love life. Are you seeing anyone special? When will you get married? Why don’t I have any grand children? *rolls eyes*


3. Christmas Films

Expectation: You’ll spend a blissful afternoon curled up with all the rom com festive classics.

Reality: You feeling like vomming 10 minutes into The Holiday so switch over to Die Hard, the Christmas film for singletons everywhere.


4. Buying Gifts

Expectation: With no partner to buy for, you’ve got some extra $ to spend on your fam and BFF’s.

Reality: You spend it all on yourself, because you are a QUEEN and you deserve it!


5. Christmas Eve

Expectation: It’s the most magical day of the year, so you’ll spend the day completing festive tasks that’d make Mary Berry proud.

Reality: You head to the pub and get very merry, throwing shade at all the cosied up couples hogging the booths.


6. Christmas Day

Expectation: You wake up early surrounded by loved ones and enjoy a picture perfect day.

Reality: You’re hungover and consequently a bit emosh, but hey, look at all the food!


7. Boxing Day

Expectation: You spend the day embracing the great outdoors, feeling as fresh as a daisy.

Reality: You’re hungover (again) so spend the day hibernating with leftovers and online sales.


8. New Year’s Eve

Expectation: You’re heading to a killer party, where you just might find that special someone for a midnight kiss.

Reality: You party hard in 2018, because midnight kisses or not, you’re independent AF and don’t need a man to make you happy. #GIRLPOWER


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