Away from the hustle and bustle of the festive season, one of the biggest gifts we get is extra time off. YAS. So when you’ve got all these extra hours – what do we do with ’em? Try one or all of the below…


1. Get Your Bake On

Chances are you’ll be at home and surrounded by a kitchen of baking ingredients. So the make the most of it and get yo’ bake on. Kick it off with baby steps and cook up some Christmas cookies.


2. Have A Clear Out

Getting your life together always starts with a clear out. So start with your ‘drobe. Sell anything of value you no longer want, donate to charity and make way for the Christmas sales to treat yourself to something new.

3. Catch Up On Your Sleep

One of the best things about Christmas break? A lie in. Sometimes the best things in life are free.


4. Try Something New

Whether it’s playing the piano or starting a blog – use the extra time to get creative and find something new about yourself.


5. Binge-Watch A Box Set

Sit back, relax and binge a new box set you’ve not had time to watch before.


6. Spent Quality Time With The Fam

Dig out the board games and go back to basics with some old school fun with the fam.

7. Stretch Your Legs

Bonus points if it’s snowed outside. Nothing says festive than a crisp walk outside.


8. Set Some Resolutions

And no they don’t have to be strict. How about ‘to see your friends more’ or to ‘ring home once a week.’ Ones you’ll wanna achieve and can be realistic.


9. Catch Up With Old Friends

Being back at home is the perf excuse to grab the OGs and have a cosy night in or out.


10. Reflect

At the end of the year, it’s good to reflect on what’s gone on. What you’ve done, what you’ve achieved, what you’re proud of, what you want to do more of – and leave the year on one hell of a high.


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