Hands up if you’ve taken over 200 selfies and not even one makes the cut for Instagram? We’ve all been there. From lighting and angle issues to not having a willing entourage to perfect your snap, you can still learn from the best selfie Kings and Queens. Take tips from the elite and work your own magic for that front facing camera.

Selena Gomez

Selfie Obsessed

Credit: @selenagomez 

There ‘s a reason she’s the most followed person on IG and that’s all down to her flawless selfies. To get some tips from the Instagram Queen herself, make sure you’re the only focus in the photo, use natural light and don’t look directly at the camera. Ta da!

Perrie Edwards

Selfie Obsessed


Perrie knows how to make her selfie speak a thousand words. By capturing the right light, Perrie has not only made her baby blues stand out but her flawless makeup, too. Did someone mention highlight? If there is one thing we can learn from Perrie’s selfie-taking, it’s to nail good lighting and make sure it shouts out to your ex with exactly what they’re missing.

Charlotte Crosby

Selfie Obsessed

Credit: @charlottegshore

Charlotte knows how to make us all want to be friends with her. Her selfie skills are not only on top form when she takes one of herself, but she certainty knows how to capture the perfect group selfie with her squad. Her crazy attitude is captured through every snap and she ensures her friends look as flawless as her. True friend right there.

Ellie Goulding

Selfie Obsessed

Credit: @elliegoulding

Ellie has mastered her selfie by picking the best filter to really emphasise the photo. Adding mood and feeling behind the image will really make sure people double tap. And pick a filter that makes your features pop.

Cara Delevinge

Selfie Obsessed

Credit: @caradelevigne

Cara’s social feed is full of fun selfies and shows us we shouldn’t take ourselves too. What we should take away from her feed is to be shameless when snapping – documenting fun moments in our everyday lives is a perfect excuse for a selfie, right?

Vanessa Hudgens

Selfie Obsessed

Credit: @vanessahudgens

When in doubt, give a big grin to the camera just like Vanessa has. You can’t go wrong with a smile, it’s always a selfie winner.