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It’s honestly had us hooked from day one. Are you totes addicted to Love Island? Keep reading to spot those signs…

1. You no longer think that it’s ‘hot out today’… it is BLAZING

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2. You often find yourself thinking ‘what would Camilla do in this situation?’

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3. The phrase ‘on paper’ mean SO much more to you now

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4. And you totally get that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket

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5. The thought of mugging anyone off makes you angrier than Chris with Mike

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6. You feel like an expert and you know exactly where the relationships are going wrong

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7. Nevermind about the couples though – Kem and Chris’ bromance gives you life

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8. And you’re forever in awe of Montana’s seriously insane bum

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9. You plan your ENTIRE schedule around the show and it’s the highlight of your day

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10. The very thought of no Love Island for the rest of the summer kills you

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