If you don’t already know who she is, Emily Shak is one of the effortlessly stylish boohoo babes that everybody is talking about. One scroll down her Instagram feed and you are guaranteed to fall in love with her. @emilyshak.

We caught up with Emily to discuss all things fashion, lockdown and everything in between.


  1. Describe your style in 3 words
    Quirky, colourful, relaxed 
  2. What’s one wardrobe staple you couldn’t live without?
    Oversized leather jacket
  3. What’s your fave season for styling/ clothes?
    Spring/Summer. Living in Scotland though it’s so weather dependant so I love to mix some of my fave winter/spring staples such as oversized knits with cute summery dresses. 


  1. What’s one surprising thing about being an influencer that no one knows about?
    I don’t think people know the amount of work that goes into it. Don’t get me wrong- it’s so worth it. I absolutely love it and I’m so lucky that I get to do something I enjoy every day but it’s a lot more work than people think. I shoot content almost every day and when I have time I also try to reply to people’s Messages, edit videos etc… 
  2. Which Instagram account are you loving right now?
    There’s so many accounts I love it’s so hard to pin point one tbh. I follow so many amazing stylish girls and each of them give me inspo in different ways.   
  3. Who is one influencer that you look up to? Is there anyone who inspires your style/content? 
    In terms of style I take inspo from loads of influencers and celebrities.  Some days I like to dress really feminine and chic and the next day I’ll be kicking about in oversized jumpers and doc martens. I adore Hayley Bieber and Gigi Hadid’s street style. It’s so stylish but super relaxed and understated. 
  4. Who takes your photos for you in and out of lockdown? 
    As vein as it sounds, In lockdown I’ve done loads of mirror selfies.  If not then I get my bf to take my pics. (Luckily he’s pretty patient! 😂) Out of lockdown my mum takes all my pics. She’s amazing and always knows what angles I like. 
  5. What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t an influencer?
    Id probably still liked to have worked in the industry. I’d absolutely love to be a buyer/designer for a brand. That would be pretty sick! 
  6. What do you use to edit your pics?
    For editing I use Facetune (the original one) and either VSCO or Snapseed. They’re the only apps I really like and know how to use. 


  1. What song do you have on repeat?
    I have 3 right now – I’m obsessed with that tik tok song “I’ll make a cup of coffee for your head…” I don’t even know the actual name but I know you know the one 😂
    Khelani- nights like this 
    Rihanna – ride (generally got all her old albums on repeat! Obsessed) 
  2. Which women do you look up to and why?
    My mum- all day long! She’s just the best. She’s so hard working and always been there for me and is literally my biggest support. Not sure what I’d do without her tbh. 
  3. What is your go to snack in isolation?
    Doritos and dip if I’m being unhealthy (which I feel like I have been 99.9999% of lockdown) Strawberries and melon if I’m having a healthy moment.

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