Every week we’re spotlighting inspiring and ambitious women, showcasing how they do their thing in their industry, and how they are #PoweringPossible.

This week, we’re talking to Grace Victory, creator, OG YouTuber, host of her own podcast and now trainee counsellor. Grace’s girl power attitude and high spirit is evident as soon as you meet her, even winning an award for “Most Inspiring Person on the Internet”. Here’s how Grace is #PoweringPossible.

What would you consider the first step into what you do today?

I started YouTube in 2011, so I would definitely consider myself an OG of YouTube! I couldn’t find any women who I could relate to or anyone like me, so instead of waiting for someone to come along I decided to just start a channel myself. That’s where my career truly started.

What inspires you?

I find the best inspiration for me comes from other women. I love seeing plus size women with huge confidence, and being unapologetic about who they are and their bodies. I’m all for women doing whatever they want!

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