It’s time to embrace all that is YOU. Our goal is to make you proud of your own body and wanna bring it every day of the week. We have called upon the fiercest boohoo BABES all over the globe to show us how they work it.


“I believe women that are plus size should not be afraid of wearing sexy clothing, you don’t have to hide behind materials”

– Diana Sirokai

“Never forget to hold your head high in whatever you do. Remember your body is amazing and don’t be afraid to wear things that show off your curves or your belly, it’s what make you YOU”

Jess Megan


“You have to wake up in the morning and love yourself and say to yourself “okay we only live once, so what do I want to wear today, how do I want to feel, what do I want to do?”

– Lalaa Misaki

“My tip to feel more self-confident is to always buy the size that really fits your body, regardless of what the label says.”

– Hanna Wilperath

All bodies are good bodies so we want you to feel amazing and remember that self-confidence is the best outfit.


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