Today marks the annual National Pizza Day, a day to celebrate all things doughy, cheesy and tomatoey. Whether it’s stuffed crust, thin and crispy or a deep pan that you prefer, there’s nothing better than sinking your teeth into a slice of pizza. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together a couple of pizza facts to get you in the mood for a meat feast or two later on.

Pizza Facts For National Pizza Day

What are the most popular toppings?

A recent survey found that pepperoni was the most popular pizza topping across the world. Whilst that’s hardly surprising,the inclusion of olives, tuna and spinach in the top ten is a little more so. But what’s most worrying is that somebody paid for that survey – surely it was common sense?

How many pounds of pepperoni are consumed on pizzas within a year?

There is over 250,000,000 pounds worth of pepperoni consumed on pizzas throughout the year. Yes, that is a massive number and a hell of a lot of pepperoni. But who’s surprised? Pepperoni is only the best pizza topping EVER.


Pizza Facts For National Pizza Day

Just how fast do we eat it?

We go through over 350 slices of pizza every second. 21,000 slices every minute. That works out at over 2600 large 8-slice pizzas every since minute. Wow. So much pizza puts the pizza market into it’s billions where value is concerned. It’s no wonder that there’s so many pizza shops.

Who has the weirdest toppings?

Pizzeria’s in Japan are no strangers to offering mayonnaise topped pizzas so they probably come out on top. Whilst it’s not bad as a dip, switching out your tomato sauce for mayonnaise is a little bit too far. But saying that, supermarket desert pizza’s with custard and jam are a little on the weird side.

Pizza Facts For National Pizza Day

How many people eat it?

Surprisingly, only 93% of people across the world eat pizza. Only 93%? Why on earth isn’t that figure at 100 is the question on our lips. They even make gluten free, dairy free, vegan options these days so we can’t see any other reason.

Pizza is a matter of mathematics.

Seriously there’s a mathematical theorem named after your favourite food. It’s called the Pizza Theorem and basically says that no matter how you cut up a circle, there will be two pieces of the same shape in there somewhere. That’s great news considering we’ve got to slice a shared pizza.

Pizza Facts For National Pizza Day

Where is the most expensive pizza found?

The little island of Malta of course! Whilst you can pick up a $1000 dollar pizza complete with caviar in New York City, Margo’s Pizzeria in Malta takes the slice. Their white truffle & gold leaf topping costs a whopping £1800! Maybe a little out of our budget but maybe Nicholas Cage can try it out for us because Pizza is his favourite dish.

Pizza Facts For National Pizza Day