by Zhenya Nikolova

It’s no secret that fashion has a different meaning to each person. Some use it look good, others want to make a statement or stand out from the crowd. But one thing we’ve all got in common is how we define our personalities through fashion.

We may all have a different taste but when it comes to releasing our inner sassy b*tch, we can always count on slogans to say what we really mean.

Coffee lovers? Beyoncé fans? Disney addicts? There’s a slogan out there for each and every one of your passions.

1. PJ’s

Slogan Slayin'

It hurts us to say but we get more picky when purchasing new nightwear. Have an unconditional love for your bed? We feel YA GIRL!

2. Swimwear

Slogan Slayin'

One for all of you LADIES! Wanna relive the Baywatch dream? Make a statement that’s worth the watch with a saucy slogan bathing suit

3. Mugs

Slogan Slayin'

We are officially the nation of coffee addicts so let your mug do the talking. Anyone for a drink?

4. Caps

Slogan Slayin'

Let’s be honest. Who wears caps/ hats for their original purposes- like feeling warm? Those are crucial when completing a certain look.

5. Stationery

Slogan Slayin'

Cute stationery makes work just a little bit better. Investing in meaningful work essentials can not only motivate you but inspire you when it comes to achieving your goals. YOU GO GURL.

6. Gym Gear

Slogan Slayin'

Just because you are working out, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort into your gym gear. And don’t do it for the lads, ladies? Do it so you can stare at your own reflection in the window while you slayin’ on that treadmill

7. Jumpers

Slogan Slayin'

The every person MUST- HAVE item in their wardrobe. Jumpers are the ultimate piece of fabric that can make you feel both comfy and stylish.