Forget the traditional white wedding cake – this couple opted to serve a deliciously cheesy 4-tier pizza cake at their reception. ERM, wedding goals much?

High school sweethearts Jess Melara and Tony Sanchez, who were married last December in Miami, weren’t huge cake lovers, and instead surprised guests with a pizza made of dreams.

Feast your eyes on this:

Not only was this scrumptiously saucy pizza cake incredible in it’s stacked glory – but the caterer also added edible flowers and basil leaves to the tiers. The wedding guests were also served their pizza in these ultra cute takeaway boxes too. Talk ’bout a nice touch!

The pizza-lovin’ couple didn’t forget about any sweet tooths though, and hired a food truck to serve nine different types of gelato during the reception.

We have one question: where the hell was our invite?

Photo Credit: Todd Good Photography