#allgirls is the first drop of our latest campaign and is all about girl power and being inclusive of every style, shape and colour.

We caught up with director, Elisha Smith-Leverock to talk what being inclusive means to her and how to get into the industry.

See what went down…

What advice would you give to women trying to get into this industry?

For me when I was getting into the industry, I didn’t really think about the obstacles you might face as a woman or I didn’t really think about myself as a woman. I just thought about what I wanted to do and what I was interested in. I went ahead and tried to achieve that and do things, make beautiful films and followed my passion.

When did you start directing?

About nine years ago. Before that I was doing photography and still images and then kind of by accident I started doing moving images and got hooked. It was amazing and opened up a whole other dimension for me and I never looked back.

At what point in your career did you realise you’d made it?

I don’t think there’s been a point yet – there’s so many things I still want to do and experience. I think that you should never be at that point – you should always be striving for more and to do new things all the time and push yourself.

What made you decide to pull together an all female crew for this shoot?

The thought behind it was that boohoo is a brand that is so influential and your main audience is young girls. So we thought if we could pull together an all female team for this ad which is about inclusivity and promoting all types of girls and all types of femininity that it would be very inspiring to show we can do it with an all girl team.