Hand-picked and curated by Zendaya, the 90s inspired 50+ piece collection is all about the throwback.


Your closet called… it wants in.





“I think the best thing about my personal style is I don’t have just one”





On her fans


“I know my fans, and I know what’s important to them. They are chic, fashion forward and love clothes, but like most people, wanna be able to ball on a budget. So I felt this was a perfect fit, to help them choose some easy pieces that aren’t just “trendy” but also attainable.”



On the partnership


“It’s been amazing, I love working with brands that allow you to be creative and collaborate. Picking things out was the best part. I’ve definitely been able to add my flare to things.”



On the edit


“I always like to think of the dress up/dress down concept. I feel like it was important that every piece I chose should have that versatility so people can get the most form their looks. Sometimes all it takes is a change of shoe.”



On her fave piece


“There’s a few silky pieces I love, this almost pj-esque set, a striped slip dress and a two piece lavender suit.”




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