We caught up with the next drop of our #allgirls squad on set of our latest social campaign to talk all things girl power…

What does girl power mean to you?

Felicity: Girl power to me feels like a sisterhood of girls who want to empower each other and who want to support each other and have each other’s back

Nikkita: When women stick together, like we’re a strong unit when we stick together

Namin: Girls being able to be themselves

Zakiya: Self-value, us women we’re very important beings

Tess: Girl power to me is genuinely women supporting women and building each other up

Katty: Girls being able to do everything they couldn’t do before

Sharifa: For me it’s being able to hold yourself in whatever situation you’re in

Cassey: To be free and crazy and do what you want. Don’t take nonsense from boys

Natasha: Supporting other girls in their endeavours and to lift each other up