Talk about setting our standards SRSLY high! Meet Eric Martiez – the guy who only went and asked his mermaid-obsessed girlfriend to marry him UNDERWATER. Yep, we literally can’t believe it either…


His now-fiance, Cammy Rynae Cuoco, is a huge lover of all things mermaids – with her fave Disney princess being Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Naturally, Eric wanted to go with the theme when he proposed to his BAE.


The couple were actually officially engaged above in a super beaut cave – before Eric announced that the couple would be divin’ into a natural swimming hole for the ultimate mermaid proposal. Have you ever heard anything so perfect? *SIGH*

Cammy and Eric had the most insane engagement photoshoot we’ve ever seen fo’ sure – with photographer Polly Dawson making a tail for the soon-to-be bride, and even editing her to look like a real-life mer-person.

Swimming around underwater rockin’ a gorgeous glittery tail? We literally can’t think of anything better! Boys, it’s deffo time to get creative…

Photo Credit: Del Sol Photography