By Laura Cowen

Yes girl – you heard us right! It’s every chocolate lovers dreams come true! Just when you thought Oreos couldn’t get any yummier, good ol’ Cadburys have made a chocolate covered Oreo and OMG they are SRSLY drool-worthy!

That’s a WHOLE Oreo covered in chocolate! I REPEAT: Chocolate. Covered. Oreos. We really didn’t think they could be beaten – but talk ’bout a SRS upgrade.

If you’re looking to hunt these sweet treats down, they’re only available in Australia RN so Aussie babes, you’re in luck! We’re just prayin’ they start to roll these out to the rest of the world so we can share the chocolate love! Although, these look soooo good we wanna just make the trip to Australia anyway…

Photo Credit: Instagram
GIPH Source: Giphy