If you have a work BFF, you’re one of the lucky ones. It’s a special kinda friendship that makes working 9-5pm, 5 days a week that little bit more bearable.

And what better way to celebrate official work wife status than 12 things you can totally relate to – if you know, you know…

1. You share EVERYTHING with her

Literally. Every living, breathing thought. Work worries, health concerns, boyfriend blues, you name it, you and your work BF discuss it!

2. So, what did you do this weekend?

When the standard question arrives first thing every Monday morning, the only tale you ACTUALLY care about is your work BF’s.

3. I got you girl

You’ve got each other’s back a ridiculous amount. Someone says they’ve done a good job? Oh, well you say they’ve done a GREAT job, fabulous in fact.

4. Ladies who lunch

Lunch breaks would not be the same without your daily gossips and food choice discussions. Your Friday trips to McDs are just an added bonus.

5. You hate the same people

People are just irritating, you know? Working with annoying people just makes them 10x more irritating. But don’t panic, you work BF gets it girl. Always.

6. Stalker alert

You subtly follow each other to the toilet to debrief on just how horrific your meeting just was…

7. Work crushin’

You LOVE a good work crush gossip. Over analysing every email exchange, ever, in the hope a co-worker romance blossoms. I mean, he IS kinda cute in his casual Friday gear, even if he does sport a Star Wars shirt…

8. You can’t sit with us!

You HAVE to sit next to each other and if someone tries to split you up, it means war.

9. You’re so in sync

You know exactly when you just NEED an emergency tea break/gossip. You’ve perfected the ‘look’ that means you gotta go debrief. NOW.

10. You feel lost without them

They’re totally not allowed a day off without you. And when they do you feel lost, it feels like an eternity

11. Don’t leave me!

You would KILL them if they ever actually left you for real. Like, seriously.

12. #Blessed

You feel blessed that you got to meet them. Because, let’s face it, work just wouldn’t be the same without your BF!