When you apply for a role, all we know about you is what is on your CV. We are looking for someone who shows they have understanding of the role they are applying for and the reasons why they want to work for boohoo. We receive 100s of applications for placement student roles so taking the time to tailor your CV will help you stand out from the rest.

Similar to the above we are looking for someone who is not only passionate about the role but also someone who is passionate about boohoo. Everyone here loves the brand and wants boohoo to be the best that we can be! When we look for placement students we want to see that same enthusiasm and passion for the boohoo brand.

Although not imperative, a creative CV can help you stand out from the rest of the other applications. People can get as creative as they like – we have had CVs sent in balloons, in children’s toys and even in the form of food and sweets! *although if you do send something in the post it is always good to apply online too with your normal CV so that we can track your application and details properly.

 As a placement student your work experience or knowledge is minimal. However what you can offer a business is enthusiasm and new ideas. Someone who is confident in their capability & enthusiastic about their role is important. A positive attitude is key!

We want to know that taking you on is going to work for us, but equally that it is the right thing for you. boohoo isn’t a corporate environment and things here are really fast paced so we need people who are agile and able to work well under pressure. If you are looking for a corporate role then we may not be the right place for you to do your placement studentship.