Missing out on your dream job role can have a massive knock-back on your confidence. You’ve turned down 2-for-1 cocktail night with your besties to invest your time in filling out job applications only to be faced with little success – it’s no wonder you’re feeling stressed out!

But who’s to say you’re the one to blame? It simply could have been a case of bad timing or another candidate having slightly more experience than you – whatever it is, putting yourself at fault is so not the solution.

The answer? Building on your resilience. Don’t let it get you down, girl! Follow our tips to make resilience a key factor in your job hunt (you’ll be slaying 9-5 life before you know it).


Resilience is the ability to prevent your inner thoughts of hurt, sadness and frustration dictating your action plan. It’s an important skillset to build on as it won’t just be applicable to your job hunt – it is a life skill that can help you work through pretty much everything!

Follow these steps to become the ultimate resilience queen!


Understanding the boundaries between personal and work time is important – especially for your mental wellbeing. Treat job applications like a job in itself and define certain time periods that you will spend on applications.

This is the ability to be self-aware and regulating your thoughts around what is happening in the present moment. A mindful individual will be able to uphold their ethics, maintain certainty in their capabilities and stay calm in the face of adversity. Mindfulness comes down to focusing on what is important in order to alleviate the stress of rejection.

Create a list each day for things you are grateful for and the goals you want to achieve.



Make a list of what you need help with and who may have the skill set to help you. Get feedback on your cover letters and your CV from friends that have already found a job or simply establish a strong support network that can boost your confidence and encourage you.

The biggest key to resilience is identifying that no matter how personal a rejection can feel – the employer in question does not know much about you apart from what is written on your CV! Every company has a different recruiting process and their idea of the perfect candidate differs by person and business.



This is even more important if you are currently unemployed. Keep your skills relevant by gaining work experience via online training courses, volunteering opportunities or any other type of extracurricular activities.

But most importantly – just remind yourself that if you have the confidence and the skill set, persistence will be rewarded and you will land in a suitable job!