Life Lessons We’ve Learnt From SATC

One of the most relatable TV shows of our time is Sex and The City. Why? It was the first of its kind to discuss sex and relationships so openly, of course. Liberating amongst its female viewers – and the fellas too – it gave us a sense of realism and acceptance (with our thought process often being, “ok, so everyone discusses penis sizes over cocktails… ironically”.)

Though we didn’t know Carrie and co personally, they taught us a number of valuable life lessons and ones we so proudly use on the daily.

Relationships Don’t Always Work The First Time Round

We all knew Steve and Miranda were the perfect couple, in fact they were the only two people NOT to know it. Through all their insignificant other halves and the beautiful red-haired Brady, we knew Steve and Miranda would somehow find themselves in each other’s arms once again. The life lesson learnt here? That relationships are about trial and error – things may not always work out on the first run but you’ll probably end up marrying him and moving to Brooklyn with Magda.

You Can Wear What You Want At Any Age

This lesson comes courtesy of none other than, Samantha Jones – who cared little for anyone’s opinion on her lifestyle, actions and choice of clothing. Samantha promptly shuts down those who dared to question her ensembles and reminds us all that ‘fabulous’ comes in every age, shape and size. A lesson we all need drummed into us!

It’s Okay To Be Both A Woman AND Successful

It’s no secret that each of the girls struggled to find love, but having studied law at Harvard Law School and gone on to become a partner at her firm, Miranda struggled the hardest. Many of the dates she went on were intimidated by her successful career – not ok. I mean, Steve even ended their relationship because of it. But proud as she was, Miranda taught us all that being successful in your chosen field beats having ‘the one’ three times over.

Your ‘Happy Ever After’ Comes When You Least Expect It

Charlotte was in search of the perfect love. From the perfect guy to the perfect fairy tale ending. But when things with her first husband Trey fell to pieces, she found love in the complete opposite of her heart’s desire, Harry Goldenblatt. Proving to women worldwide that the greatest love comes when you least expect it and often from the guy you wouldn’t look twice at.

Dogs Have The Power To Fix Anything, Marriage Included

We’re all well aware that dogs are instant mood lifters in addition to being our best friends, but this point was only proven further when Carrie’s cohort Susan Sharon’s marriage fell apart. She and her husband were at breaking point but found solace in one another once again, when Charlotte gifted them her dog… because in the words of Ms. Bradshaw the dog “sh*t all over her perfect world.”

Break-Ups Via Text Are Not The Worst Break-Ups

Who can forget the notorious scene where Carrie steps outta bed in search of Berger only to find a post-it note pinned to her laptop screen that reads, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t. Don’t hate me’. Teaching women worldwide that being dumped via text, is not the worst thing in the world.

Always Tell Your Friends How You Really Feel

There were very few moments when the gang pulled up Carrie on her narcissistic behaviours. In fact it was almost infuriating at times. That is until Miranda called out Carrie for being a terrible friend when her back pulled. Sometimes telling your friend that they’re being a sucky friend can actually make them a better person.

(Although Carrie is exempt from the analogy as she’s just an overall awful person IMO.)

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