Who doesn’t love sippin’ on a glass of prosecco (or two?). If the fizz is your chosen poison, you’ll be allll too familiar with these stages…

New Girl party fox drinking GIF

1. Finding the perf excuse to crack it open

And YES – drinking it ‘cos you’re a boss ass b*tch counts as a valid reason


2. Gathering up the gals

Friends that drink prosecco together, stay together


3. Feelin’ classy AF 

Sure the bottle is cheap as hell, but you’re still feelin’ mighty fancy

4. Boomerang time

The squad know the drill – get your glasses in, girls!

5. Being pleasantly surprised how good it tastes

Like, this is scarily easy to drink, amiright?

6. Hitting the halfway mark

The prosecco is going down a treat – time to get in another bottle, ladies!

7. Requesting an ice bucket

Just ‘cos you’re wanting a lil’ bit of VIP treatment RN

8. Accepting you’re majorly tipsy

*Cue the drunk texting and DMCS*


9. Heading home

You said you’re going for “quiet drinks”, but it’s somehow 3AM


10. Waking up with a banging headache

But you’re willing to suffer for the things you love. Prosecco for life!


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