by Kara Godfrey

How To Heal Heartbreak

Every girl has that moment when they wish they she walked past their ex-boyfriend looking sassy and gorgeous AF. Who else didn’t give a round of applause when Bella Hadid strutted past The Weeknd during the Victoria’s Secret show? 

If you’re going through the same, remember these top tips on how to get over that nasty break-up once and for all…

Social media purge

First things first. No good comes from stalking their Facebook or Instagram and hating on every girl that comes up. Trust us. Delete them so you aren’t torturing yourself every day and over analysing every photo that comes up. And if you delete them, you can also resist messaging them drunkenly on Facebook Messenger; no-one has ever woken up the next day and felt good about that long needy thread…

Destroy a box set

Netflix was not made for chill. Netflix was made for break-ups. With an insane amount of series, you can pick your poison and lose yourself in the magical life of the TV. Just remember to avoid anything too romantic. My recommendations for the perfect escape? Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Suits and Gilmore Girls. You can never go wrong with butt-kicking heroines, hot guys in suits, and the sassy Gilmores, right?

Book a holiday

Anything from that month in Thailand you always wanted to do to a week in Spain with the girls; get it in the diary. Not only does the planning and excitement take your mind off it but it means you get to escape the world for a bit and switch off. When you’re wandering around the beautiful Barcelona with the gorgeous weather and the delicious food, it’s hard not to smile and forget about the heartbreak, if not just for a minute. And coming back bronzed and well-travelled is also a bonus.

Surround yourself with amazing people

Hoes before bros means your best mates will always stick with you. Get the wine in, have a cry and a reality check. Real friends will be happy to join in and do anything to make yourself feel better.

Do some exercise

Stick with me here; there’s nothing better than an angry run or a frustrated kick-boxing session. Sometimes you just need to get all of that anger out. So grab your gloves or your trainers and exercise until you’re all burnt out. The endorphin high you get after will give you a respite from feeling down as well as get you a bit more toned. 

Who says a break-up can’t be good for you?

Image credit: Unsplash