Because us Brits have to deal with more life struggles than just one day summers y’know…

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1. Going to get a biscuit from the biscuit tin but instead finding a sewing kit

2. Dropping something in public and cringing as all your friends shout ‘wheeeeeeeeey’

3. Being unable to move a heavy object with someone without saying ‘to me’ and waiting eagerly for them to reply ‘to you’

4. Making a banging cup of tea and leaving it to cool too far past the optimum drinking temperature

5. Not being able to eat a cream tea without getting slagged off for your choice in whether to put jam or clotted cream on your scone first, not to mention the famous scown or scon debate

6. Greeting a colleague with your usual cheery ‘ALRIGHT?!’ on Monday morning and having to awkwardly shift away as they start explaining all their life woes to you

7. Saying in your loudest but not too loud voice ‘you’re welcome’ to the stranger who didn’t say ‘thank you’ when you held the door open for them

8. Getting your haircut into a style which not only you didn’t ask for but also looks beyond hideous, and telling the hairdresser how much you love it and are so happy with what she’s done

9. Paying £2.20 for a 99 ice cream

10. Brushing your teeth for 5 minutes right before your dentist appointment so they think it’s possible you may have your life together

11. Sending a risky email right before shutting your computer down for the day so you don’t have to deal with the backlash until tomorrow

12. Turning your broken electrical item off and back on to try to fix it, failing, then giving up

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