This week we checked out the hottest festival of the summer. FriendsFest! And could we BE any more excited?

Whether you relate most to Phoebe Buffay or Joey Tribiani we’ve all had a Friend’s moment IRL. Having the opportunity to sit on the actual furniture used on set, see the outfits worn by the cast and recreate Monica and Rachel’s prom are what childhood dreams are made of.

Here were our best bits…

Monica & Rachel’s Apartment

The impeccable attention to detail was overwhelming – from the American food brands stacked on the shelf to the iconic artwork hanging on the walls, this was enough to have us giggling like goofballs for the rest of the week!


The Opening Credits

Since ’94 we’ve been clapping along to the catchy Rembrandts tune, which turns out was co-written by Friends producers David Crane and Marta Kauffman. So naturally, we jumped at the chance to have our moment in the spotlight dancing around our umbrellas!


Joey & Chandler’s Apartment

This apartment brings back so many fond memories from the show. Finding a copy of the Shining in the freezer and having a whirl at Rosita – literally all that was missing was a Joey scoffing his face in the kitchen!


The Moist Maker

“My sandwiiich, MYY SANDWIICHH!” Yup that’s the one. Roast turkey with stuffing, cranberry and that epic layer of gravy soaked bread in-between. God knows why this is the first time we’ve eaten one of these beauties! Tucking in to Ross’s famous sarnie had us reeling off his best bits all lunch.


Central Perk

The heart and soul, and hub of activity for our favourite American sitcom. From Rachel running in in her wedding dress and Ross getting his balls stuck – to Phoebe’s classic singalongs. Central Perk is and will always be the ultimate Friend’s hangout.


The Memorabilia

This museum is like Christmas day for every Friends geek. There was even a copy of ‘Science Boy’, Drake Ramoray’s white coat, Rachel’s letter (‘We were on a break’) and many many more!