by Naomi Stewart

Belfast: A 'Wee' City Guide

In case you’ve yet to take a trip to Norn Iron (translation: Northern Ireland) here are five reasons why you should visit Belfast (and not just because it’s Paddy’s Day…)

1. The Talent

Belfast: A 'Wee' City Guide


2. The Craic

Belfast: A 'Wee' City Guide

(translation: fun) We like to drink. Yes we do indeed. Irish people are famed for knowing how to handle their drink, so get yerself on down to the Cathedral Quarter where there are a ton of quirky bars, street art, Guinness and the ‘craic is 90’ (translation: it’s a lot of fun)

3. The Accent 

Belfast: A 'Wee' City Guide

Top becomes tap, box becomes bax, socks become sacks…you catch my drift. And if you ever hear a Northern Irish person refer to ‘your man’ or ‘your woman’ don’t be alarmed… they won’t mean YOUR man/woman – they will most likely be referring to a person they’ve come into contact with earlier that day and can’t remember their name.

4. The History

Belfast: A 'Wee' City Guide

We built a wall longgggg before Trump and today it stands up to 25ft tall and across 3 miles. An open top bus tour costs a tenner and covers the whole city including our Parliament buildings and Stormont where you may get just a little bit windswept….

5. The Great Outdoors

Belfast: A 'Wee' City Guide

With stunning beaches particularly up the North coast and a famous lil’ spot called ‘Giants Causeway’ which is basically 40,000 interlocking rocks, it’s worth a trip to see these sights alone.

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