It’s this fox’s birthday today and we pretty much wanna be her BFF. But for now, we’ll take her wicked one liners and epic GIFs. Read on and relate…

When you let your BFF loose on your Tinder

67 matches, thanks Vicky…


When your parents ask you what direction your life is taking

Your guess is as good as mine Brenda

When you miss happy hour by a matter of minutes

Where do we go from here?

Anytime your friend utters “I’ll pay you back tomorrow”

Sure, like the last 87 times?

When he describes you as ‘cute’

What, am I your sister?!

Liking someone’s Instagram picture

57 weeks deep. Cool. I’ll just move countries now

When you catch feelings for the guy you didn’t want to

What is this witchcraft?

When you realise you may be *slightly* punching

Well this isn’t fair

But you’re just gonna own it, because you’re Emma Stone and you’re fabulous and you did the Dirty Dancing lift with Ryan Gosling

Not jealous. At all

GIF source: Giphy