Ah the 90’s. The decade that brought us the Spice Girls, the Tamagotchi, and SMTV: Live. What an era. And if like me you’re a 90’s chick, I bet you’ll have had some of these in your bedroom. Prepare for the ultimate blast from the past!

1. A cassette player

I mean, how else is a gal supposed to perfect the routine to Stop or swoon over JT’s smooth vocals without one?

2. Bang on the Door bedding

‘Coz yes hun, you ARE a Crazy Chick! Even before you hit double figures you were one sassy lady. If you were a true fan, you probably had ALL the accessories to go with the bedding too.

3. A lava lamp

Strictly speaking, these are from the 70’s but are you even a 90’s kid if you didn’t have one of these? Bonus points if yours had glitter instead of that weird floating goop.

4. An inflatable chair

You were the epitome of cool – and the talk of the playground – if you had one of these bad-boys. No, they weren’t comfy. But all the kids on TV had one…so you had to as well!

5. Hundreds of posters

Whether it was VB looking sassy or the boys from A1 rocking those curtains, your walls might as well have not been decorated. You couldn’t see what colour they were under all the posters anyway.

6. Beanie Babies

ALL of the Beanie Babies. Probably still with their little heart tags attached. ‘Coz you know, they were 100% going to be worth something when you grew up. SPOLIER ALERT: They weren’t!

7. The Charlie Perfume Ranges

A gal had to smell good, am I right? Who else remembers practically bathing themselves in Charlie Red before the school disco?

8. A PlayStation and Dance Mat

Speaking of the school disco, you already had your moves down to a fine art thanks to your Dance Mat. You could probably remember the routine to Word Up now if it came on.

9. Dear Diary (with a padlock!)

There are Dear Diary’s all over the world filled with the secrets of many a 90’s girl. Who you fancied that week, who you’d fallen out with…it was your most prized possession!

10. Spice World the Movie on VHS

‘Coz what was a week in the life of a 90’s kid if you didn’t watch this at least once? It’s still a classic. VB’s acting was on point…and I won’t have anyone else tell me otherwise.

How many did you own?

GIF source: Giphy