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Who doesn’t love a lil’ afternoon tea? So our mini snack dreams have been answered because this version is extra AF. Smoke Yard, based in Manchester have put together a candyfloss prosecco and halloumi inspired treat.


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And it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also get to dive into this list of absolute food dreams:

Halloumi fries & herby tomato dip 🍅

Brie cheesy toast with caramelised onion

Avocado, radish and tomato bruschetta 🥑

Skin-on fries 🍟

Cajun chicken salad

Strawberries & Hershey’s chocolate sauce🍓

Salted caramel cheesecake

Toasted marshmallow and brownie 🍫

Pink unicorn mini-shake 🦄

Bucket of popcorn 🍿


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You can choose to go traditional and have it served with tea or raise a glass with their candyfloss prosecco. Let’s face it, it’s the fizz errrytime. See you there…