Can You Be Friends With An Ex?


When a relationship ends, can be hard to figure out how (or if) your ex will fit into your life – especially if you know you’ll have to suffer those awkward run-ins.

For some, sticking their ex into the deep depths of the friend zone and continuing to be BFFs is the perfect solution, while for others, permanently deleting them from Facebook and real life is the only way.

Staying friends with your ex can be possible…it just depends on a WHOLE loada things…

Define the word ‘friends’

‘Friend’ can be a loose term – does it mean you stop and say hello if you catch each other in the street? Or does it mean you’re still having sleepovers and 2-hour long phone calls about your feelings? Confusing, we know- but you can’t be overstepping the mark, no matter how familiar it is.

Can You Be Friends With An Ex?

What’s the motive?

Ask yourself WHY you’re still making the effort to be friends. Is it because you got on well together or is it that you just don’t want them out of your life? While these might seem like totally valid reasons, you still need to justify EXACTLY why you’re keeping them around and what you’re gaining from it.


Can You Be Friends With An Ex?

Imagine them moving on

When you hear your ex is speaking to someone new it will do one of 2 things: 1) send you into super stalker mode or 2) make you realise you actually don’t care about them anymore. Sure, no one’s gonna be greeting their ex with fist pumps and a pat on the back, but if the news of their new bae hurts then maybe its time to wave bye-bye to any sort of friendship.


Can You Be Friends With An Ex?

Can YOU imagine moving on?

If being pals with your ex is stopping you from moving on – it’s safe to say you should call it day. You deserve to be happy and you have the freedom to talk and date ANYONE you want. Embrace single life and own it like the boss ass b*tch you are.


Can You Be Friends With An Ex?