In honour of #ThrowbackThursday I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and celebrate feeling OLD AF with a rundown of the totally awesome tuneage we used to listen to.

Whether you’re out driving, in a club or shopping, you can’t help reminiscing about a simpler time when The Sims and MSN was life and your mobile phone battery lasted 3 days…

Kelis – Milkshake

This song taught you everything you need to know today; sass, swag and most importantly how to shake what your mama gave you. You can’t deny you turn into some sort of magnetic goddess when this beat comes on! Though I’m not quite sure the obvious inneduno was understood completely in 03′.

TBT Songs We Still Not-So-Secretly Love

Eminem – Lose Yourself

If you can’t rap the entire first verse and can still look at your mum’s spaghetti in the same way then who even are you? 15 years later and I bet you can’t listen to this without nodding along either…

TBT Songs We Still Not-So-Secretly Love

Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi

Taking it allllll the way back to 2002 (really that long?) and suddenly you’re reminiscing of your grunge/emo days rockin’ out in a studded belt and fringe that covered half your face. Obvs the lyrics were in your MSN name (I know they were in mine, cringe.) Avril debunked the male guitarist and pop princess traditions and inspired girls all over the world to learn guitar!

TBT Songs We Still Not-So-Secretly Love


Lumidee – Never Leave You

After Avril had a few hot hits and you were ‘so over’ your emo stage, 2003 was the year of pink velour tracksuits, personalised gold chains and hoop earrings to match.

TBT Songs We Still Not-So-Secretly Love

The Killers – Mr Brightside

Release year; 2004. 2017: It’s 3am, the clubs about to close, you’re probably barefoot and this banger comes on…

TBT Songs We Still Not-So-Secretly Love


Fall Out Boy – Dance Dance

By now (2005) your style has changed more times than David Beckham’s hair and your mum (bless her) has continued to support the ongoing trends and fads. The pink tracksuit is replaced by black skinny jeans, a trilby and denim jackets. Rock on!

TBT Songs We Still Not-So-Secretly Love


Beyonce – Single Ladies

I bet you can’t guess the release year of this one? Believe it or not this one came out in 2008, yes NINE years ago. You’ve just been through your first ‘real’ breakup and Queen Bee has released a song that speaks only to you at this time of grieving…It’s almost like she knew.

TBT Songs We Still Not-So-Secretly Love

Feel old now? Us too.