Wanna make your engagement that lil’ bit more extra? Because now you can. And it’s all thanks to the guys at Deliveroo. As they’ve collab-d with Doughnut Time to create a pair of engagement rings just in time for Vday. Talk about a proposal with a difference.


It’s a cheaper alternative for sure and at least no matter which way the answer goes, you can eat the evidence after. They come in two flavours: original glazed – a simple solid silver wedding band and the other? Inspired by Megan Markle’s engagement ring OFC. The royal ring is a gold doughnut with a beaut strawberry flavoured gem on top.


Wanna get in on the sugary action? The rings are exclusive to Doughnut time via Deliveroo and you can get your hands and (ring fingers) on ’em from Monday 12th Feb for £9.50 whilst stocks last.