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What’s a weekend (or a trip to New York) without a brunch? Silly question. So we’ve got the best spots to grab a bite when you’re in the Big Apple.

Clinton St Baking Co

If pancakes are your go to brunch option then Clinton Street Baking Co is the place for you. Throughout February they have 14 different special pancake flavours – yes, that did say FOURTEEN! With an equally delish French toast and savoury options like friend chicken and waffles, there’s plenty of options for those who don’t like pancakes too (although let’s be serious, who doesn’t?!). Be warned, the wait is usually long so be prepared.


Jack’s Wife Freda

With two spots in Soho and West Village, Jack’s Wife Freda is another notorious brunch spot that’s a must. A mostly savoury menu of the usuals with a twist, with inspiration coming from Israel and South Africa. It was also named after the founders grandparents – how cute!

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Tried and tested, Penelope is a quaint and cosy spot on Lexington Ave. The Nutella French toast is an absolutely must as are the fluffiest pancakes, they’re the actual size of the whole plate so come with an empty stomach!


Ellens Stardust Diner

If you like musicals or want a show along with brunch, come here! The waiters and waitresses will sing and entertain whilst you eat and they’re all incredible with most of them aspiring to one day be on Broadway. The menu includes Insta-worthy rainbow bagels and all the usuals for your brunch needs.


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With a few pancake options (including Nutella and fried chicken), lots of eggs variations and a complete ‘Bubby’s Breakfast’, this place has it all. Even the porridge is mouth-wateringly good.