Here are 10 things that prove the struggle is real! 

Suddenly having loads of ‘mates’ (no, I don’t know you and no, you’re so not getting a free drink)

Customers complaining about how long they have been waiting when there is one of you and 100000 people waiting to be served

Accusing you of short changing them, you’re the drunk one, I can still count

When a group of lads try and convince you to do a shot with them but you’re stone cold sober and hate them all

The old guy who wants to have a DMC mid shift

Nothing compares to the stickiness of Red Bull on your hands for 8 hours

When you’re ready to close but there’s about 3 couples still getting off on the dance floor that Just. Won’t. Leave.

Praying your tips add up to a taxi home

People thinking you’re doing the walk of shame

Getting in at the time everyone else is getting up

Image source: Giphy