Twitter is without a doubt my favourite social media platform. News breaks, memes are made and how else can you get a RT of your drunken video from an internationally acclaimed DJ (yep, don’t ask…). No matter if you’re a newbie to Twitter or been around a while, here’s the accounts to follow…

1. Anna Kendrick

Yes, she’s my girl crush but she’s one to follow for witty one liners and basically saying what we’re all thinking.

2. Chrissy Teigen

The queen of sass on Twitter, you never know what she’s gonna say next and we love that. Plus her gentle mocking of husband John Legend is reason enough to click ‘follow.’ It’s how I view my future husband and our relationship. Be warned.

3. tbhjuststop

Okay so there’s lots of LOL meme accounts out there but with over a million followers, this is one to watch out for…

4. innocent drinks

There’s so much more to innocent drinks than smoothies. Their Twitter account is legendary. Follow and see why.

5. Barack Obama

Since stepping down as POTUS, this account is inactive (follow his new one) but his Twitter has always been a place of inspiration and general good vibes. What a guy.

6. VeryBritishProblems

The account we can all relate to. You’ll probably wanna RT everything they write.

7. Medieval Reactions

Another meme account – this one with Medieval pics, as you do. Might be silly but pretty funny at the same time.

8. J.K. Rowling

Twitter’s full of opinions but we love J.K. Rowling for her standing up for herself, even more so when it’s written like this.

9. Richard Branson

The one to follow should you need some inspiration. This has nothing to do with the fact I’ve met him. He’s also a lovely guy. FOLLOW.

10. boohoo

This one goes without saying…