Oh-la-la! We’ve all experienced some major crushin’ at some point, but these are the ultimate signs that you’re falling in deep…

1. You cyber stalk the sh*t out of him.

From stalking the girl he dated 4 years ago to examining pics of his grandmas cat, there ain’t a fraction of his social media you haven’t seen.

2. You think about him pretty much 24/7.

You’re constantly day dreaming and thinking of BAE, which can be super distracting sometimes…

3. You’re clumsy AF around him.

Even if you’re the most confident boss ass girl going, one convo with him and he’s got you SRSLY loosing your cool.

4. You hope to bump into him at every chance you get.

Which means you need to look on fleek at every given opportunity, even if you’re popping to the local supermarket.

5. You literally jump up and down if he messages you.

And immediately message your girl squad to confer on the appropriate reply, OFC.

6. You hate seeing him with other girls.

I don’t care if that’s his sister, he’s still hanging out with another female that ain’t me, amiright?

7. You have butterflies before you’re about to see him.

Your stomach is flipping like hell when you’re about to see your beau’s face. But you kinda like it.

8. You have zero interest in anyone else.

‘Cos when you’ve got the feels you only have eyes for one guy and one guy only = BAE.

GIF source: Giphy