Let’s get real gals, is there truly a more iconic line than – “What are you girls doing?”….”Destroying a man.” This film gave us aaaalll the girl power vibes and a load of life lessons in the process…

1. School was rough for everyone

 No matter who you were, we ain’t gonna lie everybody had their bad days


2. We learnt that your best friends will always have your back

 They are there for you errry’ day of the week with all the best advice

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3. Love isn’t simple, it’s actually pretty complicated

 Especially when the guy you’re dating is also dating three other girls… ummmmm


4. Boys have feelings too, would you believe

 Yep, even John Tucker


5. When you have boy trouble, remember that chocolate is your no1

It never lets us down


7. Even when our mums drive us crazy, they usually know best

 They hold lil’ pearls of wisdom


7. Your girls are you biggest fans

They will forever be your stylist before a date night!


8. And most importantly, always be yourself

Don’t go changing for anyone girl!


And finally, a last minute appreciation for John Tucker himself…


Image Credit: @sophiabush / anna_snow_01 / GIPHY