Remember when you broke up from your first boyf and thought it was the hardest thing you ever had to deal with and vowed never to get in a relationship again? We feel ya girl. Unfortunately what they don’t tell you in the fairytales is that relationships require work. In some cases, a lot of work…

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1. When boo leaves your message on read for 15 minutes and you haven’t had a response

What did I say? What did I do? Have I ruined everything? Ground please swallow me whole immediately


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2. Finding out they want all the privileges of a relationship but they ‘can’t’ be in a relationship with you

Boy, bye


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3. Wondering if they’re ‘the one’

Can I see us living together, getting married, having children, owning a caravan, knitting wooly hats for one another?


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4. Constantly being paranoid you’re not good enough for them

Are you sure you like me?


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5. They never seem to make a real effort

A night out with their pals = 2 hours of getting ready and excited talking about how great the night’s going to be. Date night with you = a quick spritz of deodorant and a ‘forgotten’ wallet


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6. OF COURSE you don’t mind them having a female best friend…

*Facebook stalks and over-analyses every message ever sent between the two of them*


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7. Is it time for them to meet the parents?

Is it too soon? Will your mum like them? More importantly will your dad like them? Will they say anything embarrassing? Is this too soon?


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