With summer in full swing the temptation to overload on carbs down the pub for the early-bird special is just too much. Each Monday brings a clean slate, but who are we kidding, by Thursday we’ve well and truly caved.

Here’s a selection of our favourite salads that are so ‘licious, you’ll be heading to the salad bar over the cocktail bar and packing the leftovers for your lunch tomorrow…

Charred Orange & Feta
• Peel an orange and split into segments. Pop your segments under a grill for 2 – 3 minutes until charred
• Slice strips of red onion and stir fry in a little olive oil and fresh garlic. As they soften add in a splash of balsamic vinegar to caramelise. Turn down the heat and toss in handfuls of fresh spinach leaves until they wilt a little.
• Use these ingredients as the base of your salad, adding in your choice of olives, grilled chicken and/or pomegranate seeds, finished off with crumbled feta and fresh black pepper

Poached Egg & Pancetta
• Lay your asparagus onto a baking tray lined with foil, drizzle the spears with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Add a couple of fresh cloves of garlic and a little freshly grated of lemon zest and roast for ten minutes
• Prepare the pan for your poached egg remembering to add a little vinegar to the water
• Whilst the pan is coming to the boil stir fry your pancetta & halved cherry tomatoes.
• When your egg is almost done, layer fresh spinach in a bowl and begin to top with your cooked ingredients.
• Finish with a drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice, fresh black pepper and shavings of parmesan

Mighty – Chilli- Mango
• Dice fresh mango, red chilli (remove the seeds first), radish & cucumber
• Pull mint & coriander leaves from the stems and add to your taste
• Season the salad mixture with salt and a little lime juice
• I like to serve mine with teriyaki beef or hoisin duck topped with crushed peanuts

Salmon & Avo Carpaccio
Smoked Salmon is lush with ripe avocado. No need to cook anything, just slice up some cucumber, serve with your favourite lettuce and add a sprinkle of paprika to serve

Breakfast Salad
When a bowl of cereal doesn’t quite cut it, this colourful number will have you bright eyed and busy tailed until lunchtime;
• Boil 1 or 2 eggs (Depending on your appetite)
• Pop some cherry tomatoes under the grill
• Layer spinach in a bowl seasoned with salt & pepper and top with your peeled and sliced egg and cooked tomatoes
• Finish with a sprinkle of chia seeds and Tobasco sauce

Tuna Salsa
• Rub in a little olive oil, salt and pepper to your tuna steak whilst your griddle/grill is firing up
• Sear your steak on a high heat for apx 2 minutes each side. This will give a nice pink centre and avoid your fish drying out
• Whilst your tuna cooks slice some red pepper and red onion thinly.
• Serve your peppers and onions on top of lamb’s lettuce or another variety you prefer, season and top with your steak.
• Spoon over spicy tomato salsa, a sprinkle of caper berries and fresh lemon juice.

You know what goes well with salad? Wine.
But you didn’t hear that from us…

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