The source to our summer entertainment has sadly come to an end. But as we still laugh at memes of Cash Hughes and describe everything as “muggy”, we realise that we’ve learnt some totes valuable life lessons from our islanders.

1. Sometimes you can like someone that’s not 100% your type on paper


2. When a girl wears big hoops, she’s probably going to dump you


3. You should NEVER underestimate the quiet ones


4. Food is and will always be the ultimate BAE


5. Babies need lots of SPF before you put them in the sun

6. Don’t let f*ck boys distract you from what’s real 

7. “Mug” is the biggest insult you can ever use

8. “I’m from the blazing squad” is not a real chat up line

9. Our love lives will never reach this level of goals

10. Anyone can become a rapper if they try hard enough

11. Girls get SRSLY happy when their friends pull

12. And you deffo don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket